Old J’s Letter 老詹的話


你好嗎? 很多人知道我去Louisiana 參加 Bethany 教會的領袖特會。






Dear FY Family:


As you know that I went to Bethany Leadership Conference at Baton
Rouge, Louisiana, I want to let you know that -> the Firing James
is back. Praise the Lord!

My soul was refreshed, and the fire in my heart was fan into flame. God is awesome as always, and I am believing in it. Amen.

I will begin to visit your groups and begin to preach in several essential areas.
(Once I figured the schedule to visit your group, I’ll let you know.)

May we be reminded that we are not to sit comfortably or to make our
people comfortable. If we wanna fly, we’ve gotta stir the nest and let
them begin to fly!

I love you all, my family. Let the Lord do something new in our lives. Amen.

Love in Christ,


About james0823

I am a Chinese I am an American I am a Husband I am a Father I am a Pastor I look older than my actual age I look taller than my actual height I look... the same as my actually weight I am a lucky man because My wife loves me, My son loves me, and My God loves me And I have a dream... that one day all ppl truly knows how much Jesus loves us and love back in return! Cuz that's the best life to live!
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3 Responses to Old J’s Letter 老詹的話

  1. says:

    glad to hear that!! : Dkeep it rollin\’

  2. Wenshian says:

    amen 加油~

  3. pungkoko@hotmail.com says:

     I think you are not noly firing James, but also a flame. So let it burns~!

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